• Engineering, robotics and automation
  • Design and construction of industrial plants
  • Maintenance and installation services




Technological progress and innovation

STIM is at the forefront of implementing high-tech systems, contributing to the industrialization of innovative products and processes, with a particular focus on the food sector. We accompany our clients from the early stages of project development: from feasibility assessment to design and prototype creation. STIM specializes in creating process plants and production lines that are unique in the market.

Furthermore, STIM is active in the field of electrical and mechanical systems, manages routine and extraordinary maintenance of production units, and provides software and industrial automation solutions.

Thanks to a team of highly qualified designers and technicians, STIM can deliver turnkey production plants and facilities.

STIM, technology and engineering

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation (EPCI)

In the role of a general contractor, STIM takes on the position of the sole technical and engineering interlocutor for the client throughout the entire project realization process.

Robotics and automation

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industrial automation sector and profound technological expertise, STIM provides proposals and develops solutions to enhance the efficiency of production processes. These efforts focus on the design and implementation of automation in various operational phases.


STIM specializes in the synergistic integration of mechanical, electrical, and software components within the systems it designs and builds. Our mission is to provide complete 'turnkey' solutions that are not only fully functional but also optimized in terms of performance.

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Stim Company Profile. From the idea to the finished product.

Precision in design, strong expertise in the field of industrial automation, and advanced technology capabilities make STIM a reliable partner to meet any need in the food industry.


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