STIM boasts a long, entirely Italian history that traces its roots back to the distant year of 1984. The company made its first appearance in the industrial zone of south Rome with the main objective of providing mechanical maintenance services within the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

In the current landscape, the imposing facility located in Cisterna di Latina spans an area of 4,000 square meters. This complex includes a production area specifically equipped for manufacturing and prototyping activities. Additionally, there is a space dedicated to design activities and various areas reserved for managerial and administrative operations.

A recent and significant step forward has been the completion of a state-of-the-art structure characterized by modern design. This new building has been conceived to house the company's management, the Project Center, and the area dedicated to administration.


Promotion of Technological Progress and Innovation

A significant portion of STIM's added value stems from our steadfast pursuit of technological progress and innovation. It is through this dedication that we are able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions while simultaneously respecting human and environmental integrity. Our team commitment generates the powerful organizational synergy that distinguishes us as an excellent partner. We take pride in sharing the goals of our clients and providing the necessary support to achieve them.


Operational Agility and Efficiency

The company's workforce comprises 150 professionals, including executives, designers, and technicians. Of these, 40% work at the central headquarters, while the remaining 60% are distributed across various maintenance sites throughout Italy. Our support team extends its services globally. The entire operation is managed with criteria aimed at optimizing resources and production times. In strict adherence to our Quality Management System, administrative, design, and managerial processes are structured to allow STIM and our clients to maintain precise and constant control over the various stages of development in real time.

The Evolution in the Current Global Reality

STIM's activities are not confined to the European context alone; they also extend to North and South America, as well as countries such as China, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, and Russia. Our inclination towards innovation and our ability to integrate complex systems have allowed us to establish ourselves as a reliable partner for prominent multinational companies. Among these are renowned names such as Unilever, Nomad Food-Findus, Heinz, SEDA, Coca Cola, Bonduelle, PPG Chemical, and many others.

Our customers