STIM has a long all-Italian history that starts in 1984, when it was born in the industrial area of southern Rome as a company dedicated to mechanical maintenance for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Today the Cisterna di Latina plant covers an area of 4,000 square meters and includes a production area equipped for production and prototyping, an area dedicated to design and other areas responsible for management and administration activities.

A new and very modern building has recently been built to house the management, the Project Centre and the administrative area.


Technological progress and innovation

Much of STIM's added value comes from the constancy with which, through tireless research, it pursues technological progress and innovation. Only in this way it can guarantee solutions that, at a technical level, are always at the top and that, at the same time, respect man and the environment. Teamwork generates all the organizational strength you expect from a qualified partner, that is, able to share the customer's goals and help to achieve them.


Flexibility and operational efficiency

The company has a workforce of 150 people, including managers, designers and technicians, of whom 40% operate onsite and 60% are spread across various maintenance worksites throughout Italy, with the support team providing services worldwide. Work is organized according to the criteria of resource and production time optimisation. In accordance with the Quality System, the administrative, management and project process permit, both STIM’s personnel and the Client, to have precise and constant control of all stages of development, in real time.

Evolution in a global reality

The activities are widespread not only in Europe but also in North And South America, China, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Russia. The ability to innovate and the integration capacity of complex plants has allowed STIM to be trusted partners of multinational companies such as Unilever, Nomad Food-Findus, Heinz, SEDA, Coca Cola, Bonduelle, PPG Chemistry and others.

Our customers