The value of a project

STIM constantly looks to the future: that's why we create state-of-the-art, technologically advanced plants and facilities to promote the industrialization of innovative products and processes, with a particular focus on the food industry. We design and build process plants for industrial production, as well as complete and functional storage facilities and production areas. Our expertise encompasses robotics and industrial automation, and we offer a comprehensive range of services, from assembly to maintenance and plant support.

Feasibility studies

Examining a Challenge

STIM conducts in-depth analyses that encompass all relevant technical and economic parameters to address a challenge and achieve a goal. Our in-house team of engineers develops feasibility studies that yield results ranging from conceptual definition and cost analysis of an entire industrial structure to the detailed design of a single production equipment.

Research and Development


In close synergy with the client's R&D department, STIM is committed to developing tailor-made industrial prototypes designed to meet specific needs.


STIM is dedicated to formulating proprietary solutions for production processes and industrial packaging, presenting a technologically innovative and highly flexible approach. These solutions are applied in various production contexts, enabling our clients to consistently distinguish themselves as pioneers in their industry.


STIM employs prototype construction to assess the feasibility of ideas generated internally or proposed by clients. This process aims to develop solutions capable of bringing significant improvements in terms of quality, functionality, and efficiency in industrial processes.

Tailor made solutions

Tailor-made solutions are one of our most significant strengths. Thanks to the expertise of our team of engineers, we can interpret the actual needs of the client and provide responses with highly effective and cutting-edge technical solutions.

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