Flexibility and reliability

With an extensive experience spanning over 35 years, STIM provides customers with the advantage of a single point of contact for the maintenance of production plants and the management of all industrial utilities. This integrated approach optimizes synergy among various components of the plant, ensuring efficient and continuous operation.

STIM goes beyond by offering a comprehensive technological service ranging from Project Management activities to a Global Service. The latter may involve direct plant management with dedicated staff, ensuring a constant presence for maximum operational efficiency.

STIM's operations department consists of a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, supported by cutting-edge equipment both in the workshop and in the field for the implementation, control, and testing of activities. This robust infrastructure enables STIM to carry out technically complex interventions both in Italy and abroad, ensuring maximum expertise and flexibility.

With comprehensive full-service packages, STIM establishes itself as a global reference point. These packages include the installation of technological plants and utilities, along with all necessary post-sales services to ensure optimal long-term operation. STIM's commitment to providing complete solutions and operational excellence solidifies its leadership position internationally.

Revamping of existing production lines

STIM excels in executing revamping operations, focusing on the restructuring and total or partial refurbishment of industrial plants. Revamping is a highly effective solution to adapt production lines to new production or machine safety requirements without the need to completely replace the existing line when investment costs or other considerations do not justify such a replacement.

There are multiple reasons to undertake the revamping of existing, perhaps obsolete, production lines: from the goal of increasing productivity and improving product quality to the need for safety adjustments and the implementation of control systems and statistical production data detection.

Through revamping, STIM offers the opportunity to replace the technological core of the plant, adapting it to new production needs and giving it renewed competitiveness. This strategy allows maximizing the use of existing resources while providing the flexibility needed to address the continually evolving challenges of the industrial market. With our consolidated experience, STIM positions itself as the ideal partner to guide clients through an efficient revamping process, ensuring the strategic and targeted modernization and optimization of existing production lines.

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The determining factors in selecting the maintenance strategy are both technological, aimed at enhancing machine reliability, and economic, focused on achieving an optimal balance between the maintenance cost curve and the loss curve. Maintainability analysis is becoming increasingly important in plant management, and to significantly reduce operating costs, there is a growing preference for preventive maintenance to prevent failures. STIM consistently adopts advanced predictive maintenance strategies, employing state-of-the-art detection and control instruments. This approach allows for anticipating and correcting potential issues before they manifest as failures, minimizing machine downtime, and maximizing operational efficiency.
Moreover, STIM is ready to intervene promptly in case of a breakdown, following the best practices of corrective maintenance. The speed of response is ensured, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in repair operations and optimal restoration of production activities.
Through a balanced combination of preventive and predictive strategies, STIM positions itself as a leader in advanced maintenance management, contributing to improving machine reliability and efficiency, as well as reducing overall operating costs.

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Disassembly and relocation of plants and facilities

With its extensive multi-year experience in the industrial sector, STIM specializes in the transfer of industrial plants, offering a comprehensive range of services:

Study and development of the final plant layout:

  • We design and develop an optimized final plant layout, taking into consideration specific requirements and best industrial practices.

Backup or creation of new PLC programs:

  • When necessary, we back up existing PLC programs or create new programs to ensure the proper functioning of the plant during the transfer.

Fine-tuning of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic schematics:

  • We develop and optimize electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic schematics to ensure the perfect integration of plant components.

Packaging and safety of equipment for transport:

  • We take care of careful packaging and safety of equipment to ensure smooth transportation.

Loading and unloading of transport vehicles:

  • We manage the loading and unloading of transport vehicles, ensuring that equipment arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Reassembly and line connection:

  • We perform the precise reassembly of equipment and line connection at the new site.

Line start-up:

  • We ensure that the line is successfully started and operates efficiently.

Additionally we handle any equipment modifications to adapt the plant to the new layout, ensuring continuous optimization. Our team of technicians, with theoretical expertise and in-depth technical skills, has gained experience with plants in major Italian food, cold, and chemical industries, ensuring reliable and efficient transfers in any context.

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Securing machines and plants

STIM supports both Italian and international clients in all their safety projects, from interpreting regulations to plant and organizational adaptation. In particular, in addition to bringing existing process and packaging machinery into compliance, STIM is also involved in the execution and management of systems for fire prevention, lightning risk containment, and the compliance of industrial areas with the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). STIM's technicians stay constantly updated on legislative and regulatory changes, and the organizational structure includes technicians certified for fire prevention and site management in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08.

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Cold chain logistics

STIM operates a dedicated organization to ensure the proper management of the cold chain, providing suitable storage facilities for both raw materials and finished products, in both the food and pharmaceutical sectors. We play a strategic intermediary role between producers and consumers, committing to preserving the essential cold chain for the quality and safety of products. The primary goal is to support the customer in maintaining the cold chain, understanding that such products are intended, in most cases, to reach consumers' tables. Our expertise in cold chain management reflects our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality solutions for the specific needs of each customer.

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Spare parts for machinery and plants

In the process of developing new plants or machinery, STIM promptly integrates spare parts data along with the executive bill of materials. This spare parts data includes crucial information such as the identification code, detailed description, availability in our warehouse, reference supplier, and associated costs for each spare part.

The adoption of this rigorous methodology ensures our customers immediate and accurate access to their spare parts needs, with extremely short service times. The transparency and organization of spare parts data allow for efficient maintenance management, minimizing downtime and ensuring a prompt response to any emerging needs.

This approach reflects STIM's commitment to providing a comprehensive and customer-oriented service, contributing to keeping plants and machinery in optimal operation while minimizing impacts on production. Our attention to detail in spare parts data is a key element in supporting the operational continuity of our customers.

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