After the initial briefing, where the client presents the idea and project objectives, STIM initiates a feasibility study. This phase includes a rigorous analysis of technical and economic parameters to assess the proposed challenge and identify the best strategy to achieve the established goals.

Subsequently, the process continues with the design and development phase. The initial idea is transformed into a tangible project through the engineering of the necessary machines and components.

Once the design process is complete, the prototyping phase begins. This step involves creating a mockup to verify the feasibility of the process in a tangible way, providing a concrete proof of the proposed idea.

Upon completion of all process checks and the stages of development and prototyping, we move on to actual production. This entails the construction and assembly of the necessary technological systems or machines.

STIM is committed to providing continuous support to clients through a constant assistance and maintenance service. This ensures ongoing proximity to the client and ensures the long-term reliability of the implemented system.

We are always in motion. Evolution and research are integral parts of our identity!