We provide automatic lines for the preparation of sauces that ensure an efficient and high-quality production process.

Our lines include:

  • Liquid dosing systems equipped with flowmeters or load cells for accurate control of quantities.
  • Solid dosing systems that ensure precision in measuring solid components.
  • Jacketed cooking tanks with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 liters, with steam heating under pressure up to 5 bar for optimal cooking.
  • Condensate recovery system from fumes to contribute to the energy efficiency of the process.
  • Volumetric pumping systems to ensure the integrity of solid parts during transport.
  • Optional homogenizers to ensure a consistent sauce texture.
  • Scraped surface tube coolers that ensure a rapid cooling process while maintaining product quality.
  • Jacketed storage tanks for the finished sauce with cooling systems using chilled water or glycol.

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