EPCI Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation

Turnkey Solutions and Services

STIM offers construction contracts based on the EPCI approach (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Commissioning) to ensure an optimal level of efficiency in the project realization process. In the role of the sole point of contact and project manager, STIM takes on the responsibility of protecting the client from potential risks arising from agreements with third parties, minimizing the client's direct involvement.

As a "General Contractor," STIM acts as the exclusive technical and engineering interlocutor for the client in the implementation of its projects. The integrated management of processes, including design, procurement of materials, goods, and services necessary for plant construction, along with the subsequent construction phase, translates into tangible results, ensuring quality excellence, maximizing time optimization, and transparent cost management. The end result is the delivery of a plant ready for operation.

Upon the final commissioning of the plant, STIM provides assistance to the personnel involved in the management of the production line for the necessary period to achieve the agreed-upon objectives.


Robotics and automation

Our extensive experience in the field of industrial automation, combined with technological expertise in the disciplines of mechanics, electronics, and computer science, allows us to develop and offer advanced solutions to optimize production processes. This process involves a thorough study of operational phases and subsequent implementation of automation, operating in various sectors and at different levels.

We are able to precisely meet the specific needs and requests of customers, covering a wide range of activities from raw material storage to processing and through to the management of the final stages of production, including primary or secondary palletization of products.

We adopt cutting-edge technologies and internationally recognized brands in the fields of robotics and PLC. Our technological applications are designed to constantly improve productivity, efficiency, and safety levels in work environments. These solutions are applied daily in various production sectors.



STIM takes on the responsibility for the synergistic integration of mechanical, electrical, and software components of all systems comprising the plant under our direct supervision. Our ultimate goal is to deliver turnkey systems characterized by flawless operation and high-level performance.

STIM's highest priority is the satisfaction of our clients' needs. In this spirit, we consistently commit to providing the most advanced technical solutions. This may involve the use of in-house manufactured equipment or the integration of components supplied by third parties, always in accordance with the specific requirements of the client.