System for dipping and coating of stick or stickless products consisting of a stainless steel frame, a slide guide with double chain of transport of the lamellas and the chocolate immersion tank with double tank (upper and lower), for maintaining the temperature of the chocolate and dipping the product to be glazed. The traction system is controlled by brushless motors while the dive system is flexible, with the possibility to define the depth and the dive time.

Depending on the product to be glazed, the equipment may be equipped with several immersion tanks; In particular, in the production of the Magnum Double are used two tanks for the two types of chocolate and one for the caramel, interchanged with nitrogen tanks for the immediate hardening of the coating.

Two or three colors chocolate tanks and also chocolate tanks prepared to contain solids, with a maximum size of 2 cm, are available.

The system is adaptable to different product recipes and allows changing dipping and dripping time with no impact on the overall production capacity.

Icing can also be done with ingredients other than chocolate, for example with fruit juices (as in Solero production). In case of large inclusions, the surface of the underlying tank is inclined and equipped with a screw that improves the management of the sedimentation of inclusions (such as dry nuts) and that keeps the suspended concentration of inclusion constant with the help of a volumetric recirculation pump.

The tank is completed by a 150-litre jacketed tank in order to keep the chocolate temperature constant and equipped with a tank feed transfer pump and a Tool Temp thermoregulation system.  To complete the line STIM provides the pipes for the transport of the chocolate flow and a system for controlling the dosage of inclusions, depending on the quantity of chocolate fed.

Depending on the required production capacity, Stino is available in three models:

  • STINO 12-330 (330 pcs/min)
  • STINO 16-440 (440 pcs/min)
  • STINO 20-550 (550 pcs/min)

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