Automatic extrusion and/or filling line for the production of ice cream in various shapes and packages. The system is modular, consisting of workstations for extruded ice-cream (with an outlet temperature of -18 °C), cut and wrapped, or dosed into containers (cones or wafer cups then wrapped in flow-pack) with deposition on trays flowing inside an isothermal cell for hardening at -40 °C. The cooling system, with variable pitch aluminium fin evaporators and refrigeration units, can be freon, ammonia or CO2, depending on the requirements.

The working table pick-up unit can include a plate system with compressed air-operated pliers and moved by a Kuka-type robot; This considerably simplifies management and maintenance operations and reduces (under one hour) the time needed to change the format of the product and also significantly reduces the space occupied. The traditional pick&place system completes the range.

The electrical control panel of the line is equipped with Touch Screen Operator Panel, PLC, drive switches and emergency buttons. If necessary, an industrial PC can be integrated for data exchange with factory ERPs, in order to comply with Industry 4.0 regulations. The control hardware can be SIEMENS, ROCKWELL/ALLEN-BRADLEY or similar on request.

With this line you can get sticks, cones, cups, sandwiches, bars, cakes, bonbons and other novelties on the market, with a flexible production capacity, adding from time to time the dedicated equipment for the particular dosages. The line is supplied turnkey complete with all accessories and connections.

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