STIM provides customized solutions for the packaging and boxing of products of any kind and size. Our experience in food systems has allowed us to develop solutions that involve the use of different types of robots, from anthropomorphic robots to delta robots, to pick&places designed directly by STIM.

For all applications, STIM designs gripping devices (mechanical or pneumatic with suckers) according to the characteristics of the products to be packed.

The automatic product pick-up system, called FLEXPICKER, collects randomly released bulk or packaged products on a sliding conveyor belt.  Thanks to a camera, the system detects the position of the product and retrieves it with a robotic arm with suckers, and then deposits it inside the packaging carton.  The maximum capacity of each picking arm is 100 pieces per minute.  The systems are generally modular so they can be adapted to flow rates ranging from a few hundred to thousands of pieces per minute.


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