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    Flexibility and reliability

    Thanks to a well-established experience, developed over 35 years of STIM’s activity, the customer can benefit from the advantage of having a single interlocutor for the maintenance of production facilities and for the management and maintenance of all his industrial utilities.

    STIM is also able to manage an effective and efficient support of Technology Service through dedicated Project Management activities, up to a full service of Global Service and the direct management of the plant with dedicated staff.

    Maintenance of production and industrial line

    The determining factors in the choice of maintenance strategy are, on one hand, those of a technological nature, which aim to increase the reliability of machines, and on the other hand those of an economic nature, which calculate the perfect ratio between the maintenance cost curve and loss curve.
    The analysis of ease of maintenance is becoming more and more important in plants management and now the trend, to consistently reduce the running costs, is to make planned preventive maintenance, to avoid breakdowns. However, we also apply predictive maintenance strategies, using detection and control equipment, as well as intervening in the event of a machine failure always in a very fast time, according to the best corrective maintenance criteria.


    Dismantling and relocations of plants and factories

    Thanks to many years of experience in the industrial sector, STIM and its technicians are now specialized in the transfer of industrial facilities, thus being in a position to offer:

    study and elaboration of a final layout of the plant; saving or developing new PLC programs when necessary; fine-tuning electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams; packaging and safety for transport; loading and unloading equipment; reassembly and connection of the line; start-up of the line and, if necessary, the modification of the plant to adapt it to the new lay-out. To relocate an industrial plant it is required a synergy of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be applied individually on a case-to-case basis.
    STIM’s engineers have been able to develop such skills over the years thanks to the experience gained with the major Italian food processing, cold-forming and chemical plants.


    Revamping of existing production lines

    STIM is specialised in revamping operations, namely in restructuring and the total or partial refurbishment of industrial plants. Revamping is a solution to meet new production and equipment safety requirements, consisting in maintaining the existing line whereby the investment costs or other necessities do not justify a complete replacement.
    There are various reasons for refurbishing used and obsolete production lines, such as the need to increase productivity, improve product in-line quality, safety adjustments, the need to insert control systems for the detection of statistical production data, and so on.
    Thanks to the revamping you can replace the technological core of the plant, so that it responds to your renewed production needs, restoring competitiveness..

    Securing machines and systems

    We support Italian and International Clients in all their safety projects, from the interpretation of the legislation to the upgrade and adjustment of the plant.
    In particular, in addition to retrofitting existing machinery such as process and packaging equipment, we also operate in the execution and management of fire prevention and electrocution risk containment systems, as well as in retrofitting industrial areas in the presence of equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).
    Our technicians are always up-to-date with the laws and regulations. Our organisational structure includes technicians authorised in regards to fire-prevention and worksite management in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08.

    Cold Logistics

    STIM also operates as an intermediary between the producer and consumer, managing an organisation able to ensure the cold chain in suitable storage areas for raw materials or products both for food and pharmaceutical products. Our goal is to support the CLIENT in maintaining its cold chain, in the knowledge of handling products that, in most cases, end up at the consumer’s table.

    Spare parts for plants and machinery

    When we develop a new plant or machine from the itemized list, we also immediately implement spare part details that comprise: code, description, stock in our warehouse, the supplier and costs.
    We operate in this way in order to offer our Clients immediate responses regarding any need for spare parts, whilst offering this service with extremely short lead times.