Hardening tunnel for packed or unpacked products, consisting of an isothermal box inside which flows a spiral conveyor belt wrapped in a single or double drum.  The number of coils for each drum and the width of the conveyor vary depending on the hardening time required and the size of the containers.

The structure is completely stainless steel.  The system is designed with a horizontal airflow (parallel to the surface of the spirals) which guarantees a high heat exchange coefficient regardless of the amount of product on the belt. The tunnel floor consists of a welded stainless steel sheet tub which is installed on a reinforced concrete base, with the interposition of an insulating layer of foam of appropriate thickness; on the sides the tank is complete with drainage channels of the washing and defrosting water, with the slope.

The cooling system with evaporators and refrigeration units is dimensioned according to the production needs and can be freon, ammonia or CO2, depending on the requirements. The evaporators, complete with axial fans, are designed to extend throughout the height and width of the spiral; this allows the air to be blown horizontally and almost identically on all spirals.

The electric line control panel is equipped with Touch Screen Operator Panel, PLS, drive switches and emergency buttons.  Control hardware can be SIEMENS, ROCKWELL/ALLEN-BRADLEY or similar.  The line comes complete turnkey with all accessories and connections.

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